ACL Festival 2013

Double the fun! The amazing annual Austin City Limits Music Festival expanded its schedule in 2013 to encompass a two weekend period, with twice the shows, twice the opportunities to “fest”, and twice the great times working with the absolute best team of professionals in the biz! Everyone involved enjoyed this show beyond expectations, and we’re only talking about the staff!

Super props to the incredible John Falcon. John has mad skill, period. A great people-person, able to juggle multiple items on immeasurable levels, and a great sense of humor at all times. If only we could get him to represent a winning football team someday.

There is absolutely no possible way of executing these insanely complicated events without a great team of administrators and managers. Luckily, we have Hemily and Ether. Hemither and Emilyn. Emily and Heather. Heath and Em. They totally rock, again, period. Buy them furs and diamonds for Christmas this year, they deserve your love.

THEN there’s these amazing Rockstars who turn paper plans into reality, all while respectfully accomplishing ANYTHING, anytime, all with a SMILE, simultaneously taking care of the millions among you: they are Sonny Zepeda, Jeff Goldstein, LaNell Rocha, and Zane Andrews. INCREDIBLE peeps, solid God/Goddess status.

Pete Aramburo, James San Miguel, Joanna Zepeda, Debra Glenn, Jerry Ibarra, Mark Locke, Greg Winn, Alex De la Rosa, Cristian Olteaneu, Lance Coy, Rod Nino, Thomas Einsla, Lee McMillan, Darrin LeBlanc, Anthony Hernandez, Martin Mantia, David Rodriguez, PJ Herrington, Charles Johnson (Overnight MVP!!!), Kate Campion, Jacob Henderson, Sara Kelly, Cliff Benedict, Mimi, the UBER DUDE Darryl Housey…. the list keeps going. We can only type this list so fast. We can’t spell none too gooder after a festival. But we can EASILY love all these great people with their amazing demeanors, unlimited talents, and giant hearts of professional pride and integrity. So there… it is now published for the world to ridicule us that we cried when we wrote this…

BUT, before you click on to the next squirrel you see, please hear this:

In 2013, with two weekends of Showdays, several weeks of load in/out and in between, we decided that the MOST VALUABLE PLAYA’S was:

Amanda Picklesimer and Travis Sutherland.

They took festival performance to a whole ‘nuther dimension Folks. This is the magic your Grandpa meant for you to understand when he mused about his brothers in Normandy. This is the stuff that the Apollo program required of rockstar pilots before they strapped into flaming rockets of death to be blasted into the dark vacuum beyond. This was the spirit of mad Viking warrior/sailors armed only with home-made swords, pure guts, and a wooden boat they built by hand to ravage and plunder until they fell off the edge of the world.

They made this feel seamless… possible… even manageable! They not only deserve your deepest respect and admiration, they deserved their own bottle of Cabo from us personally to wash away the blood. Thank you Amanda and Travis.


Roo #9 for W3!

Wow folks…! Considering it was a little wet on the ends (but pretty good in the middle!), that was a fantastic execution of a VERY complex event! With four other security vendors coordinated for various jurisdictions of an over 700 acre site, 200 + acts of amazing performances, 110 thousand or so CAMPING attendees, all in 4 full 24-hour days of revelry, complete with spontaneous “mini-raves”, 2 Tosh.O shows, Billy Idol, ZZ Top, Sir Paul, Jack Johnson (filling in for Mumford & Sons), the return of Kanye, R. Kelly, WU-TANG CLAN (!), Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (a staff fave), Jim James, Weird Al, Death Grips, Bjork, Tom Petty, and yes… EVEN Bob Saget!

Want to congratulate Patrick Brassel for being named the day shift MVP, recognize the incredible direction and coordination by the incomparable Annette Pairette, props to her Yang: the affable, organized, SUPER-SMART, and beautiful Emily Henderson, the always indomitable Mr. John Falcon, Pete Arramburo, Chris Head, Zane Andrews, Lanell Rocha, Cliff Benedict, Rod Nino, Alex Flores, Mark Locke, Lee McMillan, Brittany, Travis, MANDA, Brian Lee, and so many more who were just TOTAL ROCKSTARS (WAY too many we’re able to list here!), we just want to tell you that you are cherished members of our team, and that we are SO grateful for your wonderfully friendly spirits, your consummate professionalism, your inspirational leadership, and mostly, your ability to cohesively build a fantastic team of folks, almost from scratch, to achieve the nearly impossible under any and ALL circumstances. Austin’s market got a little more diverse this year, but we cannot express enough how motivational and inspirational it was to see all of us STILL come together and work as one to get it DONE. Thank you!


Bonnaroo 2012!

W3 Events first took 50 brave souls to the 2005 Roo. They tried to “humble” (re: HUMILIATE) us by putting us in pink.

In 2012, W3 shipped 200 souls to Tennessee. We STILL wear pink uniforms (proudly).

The festival audit team reported that we were staffed at 100% for every single moment that we were tasked.

They expanded our jurisdiction and added a second VIP pit area to all our stages.

They threw an Aziz Ansari show (actually, TWO of them), a Major Lazer set, even a stand-off between Alice Cooper and Danzig at us for good measure (not to mention a nice crowd-surfing debacle at Flogging Molly….), and EVEN tried to rain us out on the way back home…


Another bad-ass week, thanks to 200+ bad-ass W3 rockstars.

We humbly thank every one of you, you killed it.

(The 2012 Roo was dedicated to the memory of the man who endured and excelled during many of our excursions into the depths of Tennessee, and we appreciate all who honored his presence: Marc Thurman)

2012 SXSW

Our first time involvement in the Interactive Conference and a GIANT Jay Z production, all just prior to the “crazy week”, then workin’ with the Boss and some friends, all the way to Rachel Ray (?)…

Just SOME of the experiences recalled after the dust settled from the challenge of staffing a city in near chaos while thousands of visitors converge upon our local entertainment infrastructure, all while in “24 hour party” mode… yeah!

Thank you to all whom participated on our behalf, we hope it was as memorable for you as it was for all those visitors. When you get a chance, PLEASE be sure to express your gratitude to Annette, John Falcon, Heather, Wendy, and Lisa (!) for keeping the world from splitting at the seams while maintaining an incredible spirit and professionalism during this trial of sanity. They rock harder than Jagger ever could.

2011 ACL Music Festival

Got a little warm, had a little rain, saved a few patrons from the SKRILLEX gathering, grooved a little to the amazing Mr. Stevie Wonder, sweated a bit with AWOL Nation, etc… so, yeah, another ACL wrapped and not a single issue! GREAT WORK all!

This was the tenth anniversary of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, and W3 is proud to claim that we have operated as the foremost security vendor in each one. What a legacy! We want to extend our thanks and praise to every single contractor who participated, and congratulate you all on a job VERY well done.

Now… here comes October/November… as you know, everyone tries to squeeze in all the events they can before blizzard season, so hang in there! FUN fun fun…!

Roo #10 (7th for W3!)

Paratroopers from the sky releasing millions of L.E.D. laden plastic “helicopters” during the Primus set… Loretta Lynn’s set visited by a dozen Percheron riding security officers… a huge rubber inflated water slide… Robert Plant sightings at the Daniel Lanois Black Dub set in This Tent… tequila a-plenty at the W3 wrap party (accompanied by glow-sticks galore and some impromptu W3 provided blacklight art)…

These are just a mere modicum of the many sights encountered by the W3 Krewe in 2011 at the Tenth Anniversary Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival. With a 100% rating of deployment, the praise of all involved (from Executive Production down to the most wasted of patrons…!), we’ve once again survived, excelled, and rocked the Roo. Thanks to all who participated and came together as a World-Class team of exemplary professionals. Lots of new friends made, memories to share, dozens of new Facebook contacts acquired, and the rest-of-your-life pride in knowing that Stone, Falcon, and Annette the 2011 W3 Director of Operations are all grateful for your professional attitudes, comraderie, and adherence to the highly organized plan worked on so hard prior to the festival by Mr. Falcon and Annette. Great job team, you are all extremely encouraging examples of the hope we wish for in a team member.

Thank you all for the best Roo yet!

SXSW 2011

The largest Interactive, Film, and Music Conference on the Third Rock from the Sun is now history (for the participants anyway!). LOTS of interesting developments occurred, numerous stories accumulated, celeb interactions galore… and one worn-out office staff at W3 Events! This one was a Mutha y’all!

Please be patient regarding the “load-out” aspects, these guys and gals are working as hard as they can to get you yours. BELIEVE that they are on the case!

Photo submission info at the bottom of the page, send ’em in.

Massive gratitude to all who contributed to the teams, our clients are thrilled, our staff is most appreciative, and the world is not only safer, but also produces better productions because of ya!

ACL 2010

With almost 300 souls onsite at the festival itself, numerous after-show events at other venues, film sets still filming (and allegedly driving Smart cars through plate glass windows!), this was a daunting and challenging weekend for all involved. Some have new “war wounds”, some have new tan lines, some have a sexy raspy quality to their voice…. but ALL have cool new stories to tell, some new friends to share the experiences with, and were welcomed into our family. The management of W3 Events would like to express our deepest gratitude to every single person who helped to make the ninth ACLMF a rousing success. Thank you all.

South By Southwest 2010

Survival! That’s always a good thing post-SXSW…

A special prop and sincere thank you to all of our amazing contractors whom participated in making the 2010 SXSW Music Conference a complete success. Even with a late season cold front/rain storm on Saturday morning, you stood firm and represented in the most professional manner the exemplary service that we are honored to provide to our stellar clientele, several who found it necessary to send direct praise for the dignity and integrity of our personnel and appreciation for our contributions to their successes at this year’s conference. Thanks all. We really appreciate everyone and all the super-pro efforts you are so diligent in performing so consistently.

ACL 2009

Just want to say… thank you. Great job W3! We endured some weather, some mud, some slip-n-slidin’, some changes in transportation, etc, but we persevered, overcame, and excelled. Compliments have been received by several area directors from the festival affirming your professional efforts and friendly, solution-based public relation demeanors. We truly appreciate your patience with the unusual conditions and the way everyone improvised, adapted, and adjusted in consideration at all times with a continued and consistent provision of safety and accommodation to patrons, artists, the media, festival staff, etc. Bravo team.

P.S. The “Krewe Photos” page has been updated, go have a peek!


“Awesome company!”.

“Friendliest crew at the festival.”

“LOVE the pink!”

    These were just some of the comments we encountered post Bonnaroo 2009 regarding our contributions. After one torrential downpour (and resulting tonadic style wind storm) on Wednesday, the roads were packed nice and tight keeping the dust down, and once you add in a few Boss sightings in the Centeroo area, a set from Merle Haggard, the survival of both Girl Talk and MGMT, and you have what we like to call a “successful endeavor” in 2009. Thank you to all of our professional contractors, you’re style rocked.

    Special mention to those who confiscated Coronas for Stone. It’s nice to know that you had your priorities in order…

2009 South by Southwest Music Conference

With some secret showcases realized (Jane’s Addiction, Metallica, Kanye West, etc.) and Perez Hilton’s after-party successfully produced, we feel that the bigger challenges of the 2009 SXSW Music Conference are definitely accomplishments worth being proud of, but we also feel it necessary to honor every other single contribution to our most successful SXSW ever. We were staffed at 100% for the entire conference, without a single incident, and have discovered a few new rock stars among our midst along the way. The management of W3 Events would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation to all who were involved this year, thank you.

2008 Austin City Limits Music Festival

After participating in every single ACL Music Festival ever staged, we have to say that in 2008, we finally felt that we’d arrived at the point we had always strived to be. The organization (despite the challenging staggered scheduling!), the friendly demeanors of all of our contractors, the dozens of after-shows and after-parties staffed simultaneously, the stellar efforts of all of our executive staff… Stone cannot express deeply enough the gratitude we all have for the amazing teamwork witnessed at our most challenging event of the year. Every year we work our heads off  to fulfill our clients order by thoroughly training, transporting, and scheduling our staff accurately, and in 2008, we even exceeded our own astronomical expectations! We want to thank each and every contractor who participated in our coordination this year… great job!

Bonnaroo 2008

Once again, W3 Events rocked the Roo with our most efficient coordination yet (despite world famous stuntman Pac E. Stan’s attempts otherwise on Monday!). The Bonnaroo Security Audit team complimented the stellar efforts of all the personnel associated with the W3 team of professionals, as we achieved a 100% score on every position staffed within our designated area of the festival again in 2008!

Our involvement with Bonnaroo is always a true pleasure, a privilege we are honored to be associated with, and quite the adventure for our contractors! To all who have ever participated, you would be proud of our continuing contributions and the rewarding praise we receive from a fantastic production company. Yeah, we LOVE Bonnaroo!


Production finally wrapped on the film set “The Tree of Life”. Special thanks to all the W3 personnel who manned the shifts of this production for over three full months of 24 hour around-the-clock security detail. Please send all of your stories of having conversations/lunches/drunken parties with Brad Pitt to (discretion assured).

Direct Events

W3 Events returned in April 2008 to provide service to Direct Eventsthe company responsible for La Zona Rosa, the Austin Music Hall, the Glenn, and the Backyard. We are extremely honored to have the opportunity to serve as a vendor in their historic venues, and we can’t help but be super-jazzed about being back with some of our old friends (as well as a few new ones!).

We were involved in another historic moment when we participated in the final event at the Backyard on October 26, 2008 featuring Willie Nelson. We will dearly miss working with all of the wonderful folks at this celebrated venue, renowned throughout the industry as an Austin treasure and heralded as one of the most amazing outdoor concert sites in the USA. Close your eyes… and picture those wonderful giant Live Oak trees glowing from the lighting behind the concert stage… feel the crisp Texas air surrounding you… smell the excitement of a great performance by a world class act inside this uniquely Texan outdoor setting… yeah… the Backyard was simply a great place to experience a great show every single time you were there. We will miss it.

2008 South By Southwest Music Conference results

Ho-ly SMOKE! That was some week! You are the pride of Austin, Texas, having impressed some very important players in the Event Industry throughout the world who were here for SXSW. Of the numerous producers and promoters whom enlisted our services this year, it was best expressed by the one in particular who said, “Man! Your crews rock the hardest I’ve ever seen anywhere in 25 years of touring!”

You folks did the impossible. We know we had you running from one event to the other at all hours of the day and night, but you accomplished some of the most amazingly impressive miracles we’ve ever witnessed in our existence. From the 6th street closure accesses, to managing EVERY event booked at Stubb’s throughout the conference, to the crazy C3 after party, you all rocked beyond measure and we are grateful to the point of inspiring tears. Thank you all so much for your dedication to being the best.

The University of Texas

We didn’t want to ring a bell just because we’d worked a Korn show, but since we’ve also performed at the Frank Erwin Center for a TOOL tour date, we feel that now it’s okay to maybe gloat just a tad and recognize!  We’d like to take a moment and congratulate our outstanding team for pioneering yet another milestone for W3. It is due to your teamwork, professionalism, and most of all, your Texas-friendly demeanors that have allowed us to enjoy the success and associations that we do.

Just to explain how hard we’ve worked to get to this point, we’ve been sending crews for a few years now to the University of Texas football home games to conduct the security checks of patrons upon entry into Darrell K. Royal stadium. Keep in mind that the U.T. football fans are NOT allowed to drink alcohol inside the stadium (multiply THAT by about 80 thousand people!), and you can understand how difficult this task can be… To all of our folks who have participated in those events, it is to you that we dedicate our recent success with the University. Because of your tenacity and patience, the campus powers at U.T. have expanded the contracting of our services to venues such as the Cactus Cafe, the Union Ballroom, and the Frank Erwin Center.  Congratulations team, good work!

Fun fun fun Fest

So the local paper can’t spell… who’d a thunk? At any rate, they tried to praise us with the kudos we earned at this festival… but they misspelled our name.

We know we should just forgive them, but since we don’t often receive the acknowledgement that we feel we probably deserve for some of the aspects that we typically deal with at some events… now we have to accept being dissed by the press TOO?!?

Suffice to say, the point was supposed to be that we were considered one of the “Top 20 Reasons” why the Fun fun fun fest was enjoyable, so considering the spirit and intention of the effort, we’ll accept! This festival was fun times three for us as well! Hopefully, it will become an annual staple in the local festival scene, because we here at DOUBLE-U Three Eee-Vents really enjoy working with all the great folks involved.

George Carlin

Albeit this may seem a bit unusual, but… we ask that you take a moment to reflect on the incredible gifts bestowed upon us all by the great comedian George Carlin. With his humorous observations of the human condition comes the hope that wisdom will eventually prevail in the form intended by his genius: that by laughing at our own folly we increased our awareness of its mutual existence, expanded our ability to perceive how insane parsimony can be, and hopefully to help prevent the demise of a civil society. Long live the court jester and his brilliant ability to make us laugh at (and hopefully along WITH) the King.

ACL 2007

This year was unique… W3 Events operated beyond their coveted professional reputations despite some of the strange anomalies that occurred this year, and due to the years of experience accumulated by the personnel of W3 Events as well as the professionalism that is constantly exemplified by their efforts, it is all the more reason to celebrate another successful festival deployment and production! Thank you to those whom participated in making ACL 2007 the most organized and efficient ACL yet for W3!

Bonnaroo 2007

This year went so well, we aren’t even sure we were there… wait… go to the W3 Events Krewe photos page for proof! All said and done, we rocked it A-gain, receiving the effusive praise of all the festival organizers, and ensured the involvement of W3 Events at future Roo’s.

It seems to get easier and yet more efficient each year we are invited to control Centeroo, and the reason for that has to go to our team leaders, all of whom are exceptional performers and are looked upon as festival experts by one of the most professional production companies in the country. Very well done ladies and gentlemen!

SXSW 2007

Unbelievable. What else can we say? South by Southwest 2007 was nearly flawless… (nearly!). Hopefully, along with everyone being so exhausted from working all day and night for another crazy CRAZY week of the world’s most infamous music conference, we will all take a moment to reflect on what we just accomplished… with a deployment of hundreds of W3 professionals in up to 25+ venues per day over the span of a single week, we’ve managed to maintain a semblance of civility (AND our coveted world-wide reputation!), coordinated hundreds of thousands of patrons at a multitude of daily (and nightly) events, endured some of the most “colorful” ego’s in the world, and STILL exceeded the expectations of dozens of new clients, all while maintaining a smile on our faces, a positive demeanor, and a professional ethic. We’ve received nothing but stellar reports from every party, showcase, concert event, promoter, producer, client, volunteer, conference staffer, etc. regarding our beloved team of W3 rock stars! From stagehands setting up and tearing down massive audio and lighting implementations at several high profile industry parties to a single security guard monitoring a closet full of trivial SXSW literature that was NEVER really in jeopardy of being absconded by any unauthorized party, all of us should be extremely proud and honored to be so graciously commended and involved in such a world class event! Thank you gang. You exemplify what professionalism is all about.

2006… what an incredible year. Having been involved with a majority of the major festivals in the USA (SXSW, Jazzfest, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, ACL), we cannot help but express our emotional pride in our little company here in Central Texas. With the incredibly professional and motivated efforts of some of the industry’s very best people, we have managed to become one of the most respected and honored event management service providers in the greatest country on the planet. Along with all of the success we have enjoyed on a local scale (Austin Music Hall, The Backyard, La Zona Rosa, Stubb’s, Bass Concert Hall, Hogg Auditorium, Shady Grove, Blues on the Green, Austin Urban Fest, BOBaritaville, several major film productions located in Austin, the University of Texas home football games, the first ever appearance of the Rolling Stones in Austin, and even an IKEA store grand opening!), we are so very humbled by the amazing efforts of our team in procuring the worldwide reputation that we have garnered throughout the music, film, and sporting events industries. As you may already know, we have never been busier than we were in 2006, and it will always be our intention to provide the absolute best service available to all producers, promoters, location managers, and clients requesting our assistance, as well as to associate with every major event that we can in order to keep you, our cherished team of professionals, as involved in the entertainment industry as we can possibly achieve. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all sincerely for helping all of us to experience such a proud existence and to continue growing W3 Events into THE event management provider that the best in the business depend upon.

The Rolling Stones at Zilker Park on Sunday, October 22, 2006… you have to feel proud when a particular 15 year veteran of the Rolling Stones tour compliments you for your professionalism. Along with a seamless coordination with and the gratitude of all involved from Live Nation, the ominous “Men in Black” (tour artist security ninjas), and some old school touring personnel from the Greatest Rock-n-Roll Band in the World (Simone, Bob Weir, Preston, etc.), we couldn’t be more proud of our team and their continuously amazing efforts. We heard from quite a few of those whom tour with Keith, Mick, Ron, Charlie & gang that we were one of the most organized and professional security teams they have encountered in quite a while… how can you top that? Thank you gang. You rock!!! (and you seem to know how to handle even the LARGE bottles of Patron Silver tequila afterwards… Stone was impressed!!)

Austin City Limits 2006… if you participated, you know how it went. A little rain here and there, MUCH less dust (guess irrigation systems DO work!), we were joined by a fantastic crew of professionals from New Orleans (Thanks FESS!), and Stone didn’t have to chase off a single person! By all accounts, W3 Events performed beyond all expectations and provided the exemplary service it has become famous for regarding festival security, site labor, and event management. A most sincere appreciation to all of you from the W3 Events staff, and from Stone in particular. We cannot express enough how proud we all are of you and your professionalism during this event, and we are humbly honored to be associated with the very BEST in the industry of event management! Thank you. You continue to raise the bar and we love everyone’s diligent attention to the evolution of our abilities.

Lollapalooza 2006. Wow… Just go to and see for yourself how intense THAT one was! (Saves you from asking Stone every time you see him…!)

ROO Number TWO! W3 Events has done it again… In 2005, the producers of Bonnaroo requested the assistance of W3 to control the safety of the activities in an area known as “Centeroo” at one of the largest and most demanding camping festivals on planet Earth. We took 85 folks on two buses, donned the hot pink uniforms meant to humble the “new crew”, and proceeded to raise the bar regarding festival safety. Due to those results, W3 was asked to bring in even more personnel, and to CONTAIN Centeroo in 2006. Rising up to the challenge, we booked THREE buses, loaded up 130 folks, donned the hot pink uniforms that WE requested, and did what we promised… CONTAINED Centeroo! Stone, Supa, Tyler, Dr. John Falcon, Melbie, Uncle Dan, Gata, Scooter, Thunda, Walter, etc. all want to thank you sincerely for your professionalism, enduring good natures, and amazing team spirit throughout this incredible week of madness. You all rock.

Some emails from W3 contractors who accompanied our journeys into the depths of Bonnaroo 2006:

I am writing this with great sadness in my heart.

Sadness because Bonnaroo 2006 passed TOO soon, Sadness because as I wandered around my home there was no smiling face of ERIN to brighten OUR days/nights, Sadness because there were no more FREE meals (they can keep the kielbasa), Sadness because after 7 days my new friends laughter was nowhere to be heard… But as with sadness, there is always happiness, happiness because there WAS Erin’s smile every moment of the trip, Happiness because there IS a great big family of friends from Austin, Happiness because there ARE great moments of Bonnaroo 2006, Happiness because everyone made the trip both to and from safely, Happiness because Stone has a great organization and I became part of it in 2006.

Thanks for the memories,

Thank you for the opportunity,


Patrick McDowell

To Stone, Erin, Falcon, and Everyone Else (too many to mention):

I wanted to thank everyone for their help and assistance to me in Tennessee last week and to let ya’ll know I am up and running and back in the office this morning. Stone – thanks for taking me to get that script filled – I really appreciate it and will remember it believe me. Erin – thanks for helping me out on Sunday. Also thanks to Falcon, James, Annette, Chris, Denny and everyone else for checking in and looking after me that last night (and every night). I will make sure I stay healthy the last couple of weeks before the ‘Roo next year as I would like to go back in better condition to enjoy the experience and be a stronger part of the team in general. I hope everyone is well and recuperated and I’ll see ya’ll soon again I’m sure.


Chris Hausmann

Thanks so much for letting me work at Bonnaroo with your company. I had a great time, and really felt more than comfortable with security work. I would love any future opportunities to help out your company and work upcoming events. Thanks so much for your gracious hospitality during the Roo. Hope to hear from you soon!!

Adam Lunceford

Who the (expletive deleted) IS Bob? Nobody knows, but he emailed us to thank W3 Events for helping with the production of the first annual “BOBaritaville” Festival held on Memorial Day weekend 2006 at Waterloo Park. With a gathering of local contestants featuring various Austin establishments, the margarita sampling contest featuring live local talent (and of course, the ever-expanding role of W3 Events!) was pioneered and flawlessly executed. Super special thanks to the security teams, site crews and stagehands who successfully and professionally contributed to yet another reason why we love our home base… more festivals and live events per capita than any other city anywhere! Thanks for the props Bob.

NOLA… if you know what that acronym means, then you know that the Big Easy has had a rough time lately. But we’re able to enthusiastically report that the spirit of that unique city has never been more inspirational… and the reason we mention this, is because W3 Events sent a special team to Jazzfest 2006 to assist our fellow security vendor in “Nawlins” known as F.E.S.S.

Due to the evacuation after Hurricane Katrina (many of the evacuees now located in Austin), our friends in the home of the world famous French Quarter needed our help. We were honored to be able to do so, and to be honest, were flattered that we were invited. Jazzfest is one of the original major festivals held annually in the USA, and the 2006 event was extremely important for all of the reasons you might expect considering the circumstances. All said and done, we were graciously welcomed and enthusiastically involved in the two-weekend festival, as well as included in the productions of several incredible events at the local House of Blues, some great additional concerts produced by Superfly Productions (Bonnaroo producers) featuring incredible acts such as Government Mule, Galactica, the legendary Meters, and a fantastic show by the Grey Boy All-Stars on a riverboat cruise up and down the mighty Mississippi River!

A special thanks to Tyler Crain and the “Gata” for a stellar performance above and beyond the call of duty. You will be remembered as pioneers in the history of W3 Events, and it is because of your dedication and inspirational effort that W3 Events has been invited to participate in future Jazzfests! Thank you for your professionalism fellas.  You did dis, dat, and da uddah…. hooo WEEE!

On Saturday, April 8, 2006, the City of Austin produced the first annual Austin Urban Fest at Auditorium Shores during the Texas Relays weekend. The Austin Parks and Recreation Department was instrumental in the production of the event and relied upon W3 Event Specialists to provide event security, site labor and stagehand assistance, so they wanted us to convey to those who performed those duties at the event that they are extremely grateful for your professionalism and admirable effort in contributing to the success of the first of  many more Urban Music Fests!

W3 Events also wants to thank all of the contractors, stagehands, supervisors, clients, office personnel, management teams, etc. for the most successful South By Southwest Music Conference experience EVER in March 2006!

Thanks to your continued professionalism and tireless efforts throughout the most insane week in the Austin musical community, W3 Events increased its reputation throughout the community and the music industry worldwide, the results being that all of the producers and clients who enlisted our services (as well as the management and office staff of W3) wanted to let you know that we truly value your contributions and really appreciate your dedication!

Thank you one and all!


©2013 W3 Event Specialists, Inc. All rights reserved.

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