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Contractor Info

To be considered for contractor affiliation with W3 Event Specialists, Inc. please connect to the link below ("Application for W3 Events Contractor consideration"), and fill out the application completely. This page will be occasionally updated for application information, screening requirements, and interview appointments.

Texas Security Registration Informational Links:
(for existing and previously registered W3 contractors only)
(Click on "Search Companies", then enter license # B10740, click on "W3 Event Specialists, Inc.")
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission info:
For TABC info, click on: Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission or for a TABC online course to be certified, click on: Learn To Serve (TABC online course)
Miscellaneous info:
For info regarding security registration in the State of Tennessee (location of Bonnaroo):
(General information for Tennessee security guards)
(for existing Contractors currently registered for Bonnaroo)
Tax Documents (IRS Statement verbatim):

"Form 1099-MISC (Miscellaneous Income) is used to report aggregate payments of $600 or more to independent contractors who provide trade or business services. The total amount of compensation paid should be reported in Box 7 (Nonemployee Compensation) of the Form 1099-MISC. The form should be furnished to the independent contractor by January 31st for payments made to said contractor during the previous year."

(Translation: you will only receive a 1099-MISC tax form from W3 Events IF you received $600.00 or more total in compensation for your services for the entire tax period year. Otherwise, you are responsible for reporting all compensated income to the I.R.S. yourself, as we are not obligated to distribute any records of your compensation income other than the check stub you received at the time of payment. It is recommended that you save and store all checks stubs received by W3 Events for your tax record purposes. Please understand that you will not receive a W2 tax form from our office for any tax period.)

On-Site & On-Call Stand-By Policies:

When you attended our Contractor Seminar initially upon your affiliation with W3 Events, you had the following fact emphasized in a repeated fashion:

"The number one rule of professional event staff contractor behavior is to BE ON TIME!"

Please do your absolute best to always adhere to that rule! If you believe that you have underestimated your time of arrival to an event location, you've encountered unexpected traffic delays, or if you endure any transportation issues, your dog ate your homework, etc, remember to contact us IMMEDIATELY to work with your situation, as it MAY save your shift from being given to a Stand-By! Even in some circumstances, please understand that we MUST fulfill our customers expectations at the exact time requested and you may have to forego a shift if you cannot arrive onsite on time for whatever reason. Please be patient and remember: the phone call to us prior to the report time saves your current preferred contractor status from being affected.

Please dial (512)916-9461, and even if you reach voicemail after-hours, your message will be connected to the mobile phone for the Operations Department.

If you are contacted back because your shift had to be given to a Stand-By, please understand that we have an obligation to staff personnel at the exact time ordered and that it is NOT personal. We will remember your professionalism when staffing future events.

If you are staffed in the capacity of "Onsite Stand-By", you are being requested to physically go to the event location at the designated report time, check in with your Event Supervisor (be sure to convey that you are an Onsite Stand-by), and then to await further instructions from that Supervisor. If you are in fact activated and staffed by an Event Supervisor, you will then receive the compensation due for the times you are utilized. When you are requested to be onsite in this capacity, you are performing an invaluable service to our efforts and will be rewarded by having your preferred rated status within our database improved, and we will also do our best to ensure that you are staffed for a full shift at the next available event. If you want to work your way up into our systems, this is the method that all of our existing contractors experienced to gain the status that they deserved and now enjoy. ALL of us worked our way up into the ranks, and you can too!

If you are staffed as an "On-Call Stand-By", you are being requested to stay home (or wherever else you are at the time) but be ready and able to answer your mobile phone if your services are needed for any given event. Upon contact by a W3 Events Coordinator, you will be asked to go onsite ready to report for duty. Please allow a minimum of a one hour period after the report time stated in your work offer before considering your services no longer necessary for the shift beginning. But if for instance a contractor onsite at an event becomes ill, or has to be relieved of duty, etc, at any time for the duration of the entire event, you may still be contacted to fulfill a shift. Your reliability and response within this role will ensure your current rank to be considered for advancement, translating into more work offers and more opportunity to improve your preferred status within our database for future considerations.

Additional Information: To contact office personnel  (contractor inquiries, payroll issues, etc.) call (512) 916-9461   Please do NOT call the W3 office at ANY time for event staffing or to request assignment! You will be contacted by W3 Events according to schedule demands as events become available. The page titled "Media" are depictions of W3 staff and contractors in various states of work and play and are images that we enjoy sharing with all who care to view them. If you have any contributions, please email images to for consideration. In order to offset increasing costs of the tools W3 provides it's contractors, W3 will be deducting 75 cents per pay check as a service fee for laundry, laminates, ear plugs, radios etc. It is important to us that W3 continue to provide you these tools, and regardless if you work 20 hours or 100 hours, the fee will be just 75 cents every two weeks. This will become effective as of January 1, 2006. To view registration information to upgrade your Contractor status to "Security personnel", click on:  PSB Licensing Our 2-week Contractor compensation cycle ends every other Sunday.  You should receive a check in the mail within 10-14 days after the ending date of the payroll period. Please, do NOT call the W3 office concerning your check unless:
  • You have not received your check in the mail within 10-14 days after the ending date of the payroll period. 
  • You believe there is an error on your check.
  • You need to report an address change.


 (Please note; "Festival Compensation Periods" require an extended amount of time to process the massive amount of contractor compensations due to the additional personnel that we have to utilize in order to meet the customer demands of a large festival staffing. Please be patient, be understanding, KNOW that we are working as hard as is humanly possible to expedite processing, and please adjust your budgetary concerns accordingly. You WILL receive your compensation! Just remember that you will most likely have amassed a considerable amount of compensation and if you consider it a "bonus windfall" for your efforts while having a great time working a major festival, then you'll be able to keep your stress levels from affecting ours! Phone calls to the office during these periods will NOT result in more expeditious processing, and may actually tend to affect your considered status as a contractor for future staffing.) 

We use an outside independent accounting firm to process all payments, including contractor compensations. Please consider the period related (event season is ALWAYS crazy for us!) and adjust your expectations accordingly. We assure you that we will do everything we are capable of to ensure the most prompt method of remuneration for your efforts, however there are various factors that could feasibly affect timely processing. Please be patient, research any mail address issues you can attend to yourself (changed address, forwarded mail problems with post office, etc.), and then contact us only after you feel that all other possibilities have been exhausted.